New Wallet for a Safer Blockchain: Altbet Weekly Summary

A lot has happened this week in the crypto world. An eye-opening article about Proof Of Stake algorithms got out, and we want to let our community know that we are very aware of the issue. A lot of cryptocurrencies are affected, and Altbet has been affected too, with some reward-stealing addresses. We started working hard on it at the moment we read the article and our developer’s team was able to track every single fraudulent address. The said addresses (more than 200) have been locked in place. We moreover increased the Blockchain security and fixed the protocol to prevent new creation of reward-stealing addresses: it’s already a success. The fraudulent addresses were banned and the protocol was fixed to make this ‘hack’ impossible.

As we clearly had to make this mandatory release, we took advantage of it to implement new features that we have been planning for some time by now. For example, the new wallet will allow users to directly see price charts from every exchange supporting ABET on their wallet. The release can be found on github, for Windows and very soon for Mac

Get Your Wallet at:

This blockchain issue is slowing us down regarding Altbet’s announces and future features, but we want our community to know that this is just a time-consuming issue, as the windows wallet is already out and working we are confident in our fix. When the Mac wallet is ready we will be able to focus on the future of our betting platform, on our next platform and use case, but also on our exchange listings and marketing campaigns.

This is all just the beginning of Altbet project and we are very happy and thankful to have a smart, motivated and supportive community.

Stay tuned for the next weekly summary!