Partnerships and Big Steps Toward Adoption: Altbet Weekly Summary
May 26 · 3 min read

On the blockchain side, a new update of the wallet has been released. One of our talented developer pointed out parts of our wallet code, that could possibly be exploited by ill-intentioned person, in the future. The code has been corrected and no exploitable code remain. We choose this update to also increase the Masternodes collaterals. Our Masteronde owners can now switch from 1000ABETs Masternodes to 5000. With that we want to address a big thanks to our community and supporters who keep an astounding 70% of the supply locked in Masternodes. And a big thanks to The Botfather and Tfinch, the developers who helped us a lot with the update. You will find every version of the new wallet, with scripts and bootstraps, available on our github page.

We are very proud to say that Altbet is diversifying its activity, with a big partnership with Beacon Arcade. As said in this steem article: AltBet and Beacon will begin a strategic cooperation to launch, improve, and grow these platforms. AltBet will own the servers and handle day-to-day operations of the platform and Beacon will provide continued support and improvement opportunities for the design, aesthetics, and user experience of the platforms. Beacon will pay for the monthly server costs for hosting the Beacon Arcade platform and AltBet will receive 10% of the BECN collected through the platform revenue.

We have always been in very good terms with the Beacon Team since the beginning of their project, and we decided to help them deliver Beacon Arcade under white labeled platform. For more informations be sure to check this nice Youtube video and off course the Beacon Discord server.

An other partnership has been set up, with the CryptoGlobal discord server, which is full of a large and enthusiast community. This partnership directly leads to a long incentivizing campaign including airdrops, bounties and even a weekly lottery! Be sure to check everything about it on the CryptoGlobal Discord server.

On the listing side, ABET has been integrated to ChainVertizer Ad Exchange Platform. This means that any of their user can now pay for network Publishers with our ABET coin. It’s a step toward adoption and we are proud of this partnership. Be sure to check their platform and business on their website and Discord server

Moreover, Altbet has been listed on StakeCube: a fully automated and community driven POS/Masternode Pool which offers a lot of valuable services and features such as an integrated exchange platform for crypto investors. Expect airdrops and giveaways on their discord and twitter in the near future.

Stay tuned for the next Weekly Summary!

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