Several Improvements for a Brightest Future: Altbet Weekly Summary

Great news for Altbet this week, starting with a few statistics about our platform and social medias, we are proud to see that we are growing consistently from the beginning: the platform gathered more than 16.000 visitors for an astounding 11% increase since January. Our social medias are doing even better, with a growth of 17% in our discord members and 18% for Telegram. For our great pleasure, the growing of our community and users is growing faster every month, compounding and bringing us closer and closer to a massive adoption. Still on the statistic side, our cryptocurrency ABET has doubled in price in two months, our Masternode count is growing, counting now more than 800 online Masternodes on the network, for a stable and safe blockchain as well as a stable and growing price.

We earlier talked about an eventual listing on Stex exchange, and how it might come very soon. Since then we passed verification process, fee has been paid, tests were passed, and we are already live and trading on For now, only BTC pairing is available, more will come anytime soon. Listing on Crex24 is in its last phases and we will very likely be tradeable on Crex24 before the end of February.

On the Blockchain side, we released a new version of our wallet, with several implementations that were needed to solve a few issues with the last wallet version. We solved the problems and added a few features by the way: an overall source optimization and improvements, increased synchronization speed, put the minimal stake weight to 15, increased maturity time from 1 to 3 hours.

Altbet has been in the first position of the contest since the beginning of it. We are so happy and proud of our community and want to thank a lot every participant. Ending on the 2nd of March, we still need efforts from our supporters. Needless to say that the giveaway for every valid vote is going on, more than ever to help us stay first and win the prize!

Stay tuned for the next weekly summary!