Oyster Web Storage, for your war against ad blockers.

The advertisements and marketing team devoted to the creation of astonishing ads and ideas to promote their websites commenced being nugatory. This mess muddled up when the ad banners coming into the picture. To shrug off this situation, Oyster Web Storage came into being.

The Oyster Protocol is a true two-birds-one-stone proposition. The Protocol introduces a radically different and parallel approach to getting content publishers and content consumers to reach equilibrium and cooperation.

It can be depicted as a superior alternative to cloud storage.

Under this system, the visitors perform a Proof of Work which in turn generates revenue for the website owners. These visitors do this for a decentralized data storage network.

Website owners need to add the one line Oyster code to their site HTML to turn their visitors into treasure hunters that search for Oyster Pearls: the PRL token. Treasure hunting means a visitor’s browser performs light proof of work to discover embedded PRL in the encrypted data maps of uploaded files. As the nodes search for PRL via proof of work they inadvertently re-attach the data to the tangle which extends the file’s retention. This means that the data retention is fully decentralized and motivated by the economic incentive of a continuous blockchain treasure-hunt.

As a consequence, anyone with a web browser can store and retrieve files in a decentralized, anonymous, secure, and reliable manner.

In easy words, the website visitors give away a part of their CPU and GPU power to enable the users’ files to be stored on the decentralized data storage ledger. In return, these users indirectly pay the website owners for the management and maintenance of their data.

These Oyster Pearls that is the PRL tokens are Ethereum blockchain supported and function via the smart contracts. The storage ledger, here, is the IOTA tangle.

This system can be further studied as:

Symbol: PRL

Hard cap: 80000 ETH

1 ETH= 5000 PRL


PRL crowd sale date: October 21, 2017

Crowd sale tokens: 400000000 PRL

Website: https://oyster.ws/

Whitepaper: https://oyster.ws/OysterWhitepaper.pdf

The merits of this network platform can be stated as follows:

  • Robust, redundant web storage
  • Dual ledger integration
  • Treasure hunting algorithm
  • Zero knowledge
  • Anonymous storage
  • Open source
  • Extendible
  • Auditable
  • Intrinsic storage: pegged value
  • Accessible anywhere

With Oyster, there came along a full stop to difficulties in web ads platform. This protocol unlocks the required dormant doors to an altogether shredded web world which makes way for data storage and marketing technicalities.

The world is an oyster.