I am digital. I am technology.

We live in a digital age nowadays, may you be a millennial or generation y even the baby boomers, hence the generation x — we all are guilty of utilizing any digital property. From Facebook to e-book, smartphones to cars, games to travels. Technology has been part of our daily living. It is unavoidable and has become a necessity.

With this realization, I ask myself, “How does technology and being digital actually affect people’s lives? Is it good? Or does it make people worse?”. As I work in the field of digital media, allow me to share with you my point of view about this.

They say “technology” makes people lazy. Instead of going out to buy food, people just order and pay online. Why go to the gym when you can just watch an online fitness video? Travel using the tips of my finger by booking flights and accommodations online. Why will I bother tiring myself in that queue in the cashier when I can just order my stuffs online? A day of shopping can be just an hour of browsing. Why will I cringe for that TV commercial when I can just kill the replay button online? Pay a lot to watch a 4DX movie when I can just download it and use a VR. Worst, why will I bother talking to you in person when we can just see each other on screens?

They may be right. In that point of view, it does made people lazy. But let me expound to you what technology actually offers. Yes, I’d rather to choose to order and pay online for my food, so I can have time to do my laundry and clean the house. I’d exercise at home with that fitness video so I can save money for my future instead of membership fee. I saved time and money for booking flights and accommodations online. I was able to maximize my time of shopping because I chose to buy it online. Now, I can cry over that touching commercial because I can watch it and share it to the world. Watching in a VR is a full experience on a better price. Video calls made people closer and made it possible to see and feel your loved ones accessible.

Digital world offers beyond what you just know. It can be seen — social media, high technology gadgets and cutting edge structures. It is heard — jog with your jam on, create breakthrough composition using an app on your phone. It can be felt — those online stories that goes viral because they touch people’s lives. It can be smelt — the food you are cooking now came from a recipe you downloaded or watched online. Thus, taste — how does your cooking taste?

So why did I say, I am digital and I am technology? Because I am the one who maximizes those resources. If I’m lazy, I’d probably be using technology to make me lazier. But if I am outgoing, open, a family, friend and just a compassionate stranger — I’d say I really am utilizing technology hence digital in the most effective and positive way. Besides, I am the one customizing my usage of technology!

With this I shall close that living in a digital age makes me who I am. The way I use technology defines my character and behavior. So is technology good? You be the judge of your own usage. As for me, I would be the change that I envision a good world to be using these creative and fun invention and platform. Hence, I am digital. I am technology.