The sky has never been static. Some days, it’s heavily clouded. On other days, there are only fragments of cloud adorning it.

And if we're lucky or not lucky enough—depending on your situation—rain will pour down mercilessly, hitting anything underneath.

Again, there will be days where the sky is clear, the sun infiltrates without permission, burning our skin. Some will feel happy, though.

Others may be grumpy about it. To me, whatever the case, I'd just be thankful to witness the sky dynamics every day.

Whether it's raining, hot, cloudy, I'm not going to complain. What is there to complain when I can find the joy in it all?

The only thing to complain is why can't I be as dynamic as the sky? Or why can't I live up there? Nonsensically saying, I need to die first.

But if I were to die later, what would I see? Perpetual darkness? Or the promised angels? Or if I were to die, would I reach the sky?

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