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Data analyst with a keen interest in mental health, tech, and consumer culture | MA in Applied Psychology | work:

Would you take my call when I start to crack?

You need serious help…your anxiety is getting worse

My school counsellor muttered these exact words, looking me straight in the eye with a blank look on her face.

Suddenly, I didn’t think I could breathe.

Would you rescue me? Would you get my back?
Would you take my call when I start to crack?
Would you rescue me when I’m by myself?
When I need your love, if I need your help

With a background in Psychology, having anxiety was a common phrase in my vocabulary alongside a deeper understanding of its biological mechanisms.

Primarily, Generalised Anxiety Disorder can be…

I’m not who I was and I’m excited for who I can be.

February 17, 2018 — the day I boarded the eight-hour journey from Singapore to Melbourne, Australia.

Travelling always appealed to me — I have scampered down on food, saved every penny I owned to travel. However, I don’t think I could anticipate the effect of living in a different country and meeting and learning from people all over the globe.

In retrospect, I don’t think I ever anticipated the amount of personal development I was about to embark on. Although I have travelled extensively beforehand, getting on that plane felt very different. …

And how to focus on who we are now than waiting to be happy

The concept of Positive Psychology discusses the importance of pursuing happiness to better our wellbeing and enable us to flourish. It’s basically studying the emphasis of your positive qualities versus some other negative aspect.

In turn, we have started seeking the idea of personal fulfillment in various forms: getting a degree we’re happy with, going out with people who excite us, and even shopping for material things that spark joy.

Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, explains that as we seek to be happier in our lives, we are more joyful, optimistic, and hopeful for our future. …

Editing isn’t all about catching grammatical errors or checking for continuity

Writing is a funny craft. For one, it arguably has the lowest barrier to entry: as long as you have a working computer and internet connection, you’re more than halfway there.

And well, second, if there is any topic you know or are investigating, you’re practically the right person for the job. Maybe that’s why a lot of people write about personal development because we’re all constantly growing (at least I like to think so).

Despite this… What separates great, well-established writers from the rest is their ability to edit relentlessly.

The power of editing

Jamie Uys, a famous South African film director, once…

We go into degrees or professions after toiling away four years of our life in college, hoping for greener pastures

My friend quit her day job after a year of working because it negatively affected her mental wellbeing. She was an accountant-by-trade but always felt her real passion was in politics. After changing career paths, with a masters degree to boot, she called me one day with a heavy and confused heart.

She wanted to quit her job in the local government because she realised politics was not her passion. Or felt like the right job for her.

Many of us go into degrees or professions after toiling away four years of our life in college, hoping for greener pastures…

And why doesn’t anyone hold themselves accountable?

It’s surprising how little we think about our internal state. Although we talk about the beauty of positive affirmations and self-care, it also encourages ignorance towards our own negative traits.

I have talked about this with a number of friends who wanted to provide support and advice about moving on. And the sad thing is, I have come to realise is how we purposefully choose anger and avoidance when things don’t go our way.

This is essentially true in our attachment styles and mindset.

For months, I grappled with the idea of positivity to move on from the end of…

You’re not necessarily spending too much or too little on what really matters.

Energy is like currency.

Energy goes on like a cycle— we have to store it for a few hours or days and then use it when we are dealing with the external world.

When we give our energy, just like money, we are hoping to be reciprocated for our efforts.

Everything which doesn’t help give us back at least some energy, things which have completely drained us, will affect our mental state. They typically range from school assessments to mean colleagues, romantic relationships to family dynamics.

Particularly, I like to look at these examples as a golden triad which we have to focus on…

And makes a more fulfilling life as a writer

The art of getting into trouble.

When I was five, I learned to steal toys from my cousins. And when I was thirteen, I wanted to run away from home to become a thief (sorry, mom).

Interestingly, this led to a fascination for the criminal mind and thankfully, I stopped my “criminal” escapades before I found myself in a ditch — unless you count the occasional parking ticket.

Growing up, I loved finding ways to get around the rules, just to tame my curiosity and relentless pursuit of the thrill.

Nowadays, it involves travelling solo, going to unknown places, and forcing myself to meet interesting people.

Moved to a different country? Check. Landed an awesome 9–5 job with no experience? Check.

When I first moved abroad, a lot of people told me: “you’ll end up waiting tables or being a barista throughout your entire degree.”

In some ways, they were right. Since Australian employers preferred people with only Australian experience, it was extremely difficult to land a job.

A lot of people do end up choosing any type of work to make ends meet. It did not have to decent either — it just had to be legal.

After a year of being unemployed and relying on remote work, I tried dipping my toes (again) in exploring the job market, hoping…


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