Solace: Type I Form II

Kiara Mijares
Mar 5, 2018 · 2 min read

How do you find yourself?

I’ve been meaning to see solace,

on the mountains or the beach

when you’re alone feasting in the universe of existence.

In a world where the joys of a song can be heard and the beats of your heart pulsing, pulsing, pulsing

There’s a type of wandering that comes when you get lost in the unlimited space of your being — your mind always thinking, dreaming

The beauty of the earth against the winds of its terrain

And the vast mountains, near yet so far, maintained in its glory

For the world to see.

In the hidden space.

As children, it was easy to get lost, to continue my endless pursuit of wonder through the earth

Like a lost star, looking for a way to reach the sun

Like the emblem of a flame meets the eye of curiousity,

And the smoothness that hangs over when you’ve been found.

Then it begins again.

You’re looking out into the mountains,

Hoping to finally reach the sun

Getting lost in the wildnerness of your own being

Basking in the beauty of our earth

With little to no resemblance of your remorse

Shattered by the universal truth of finding your way back

And again, again, again

All the way — in hopes of the gods granting your immortality

Yet finding nothing

Even in your own body

Then it begins again

And you’re lost before you’re even found.

Originally a short note or poem I wrote while looking out into the mountains of Stellenbosch’s famous vineyard in South Africa.

Clap if you loved it or could relate! Would also enjoy hearing from you in the responses below. :)

Thanks to Kevin Saitta

Kiara Mijares

Written by

Kid writer interested in culture and psychology | MA in Applied Psychology | work:

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