Why I hate New York

There’s too many people all the time. I can’t go to a movie or a concert or a park without people, packs and parties of people, people I don’t know, who don’t care about me, and people I will never see again. When I’m with these people, we’re all separate, intentionally separating, intentionally magnifying the rift between us and them, trying to find our space in our shared space. We aren’t coming together, aren’t building anything together, aren’t creating a community or environment or home that we can both be a part of, together, all together, and be proud of and take care of.

And that’s why we had to create AlterNYC. Because we need to call attention to the commmunities being built in New York, and the activities going on that are serving their part in building communities, bridging the gaps between us, bringing us together so that together we can build a better New York.

We’re not interested in what’s cool or hot or in or out. We’re interested in who is building a community within their community. Who is creating spaces where we can come together and actually be together, instead of trying desperately to separate our bodies and our conversations.

How are you working together to build relationships you couldn’t build anywhere else? Let us know, and we’ll get the Alter NYC community to come hang out.

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