FUTR E*SHCK : The PHYGITAL Exhibit | ALTERRAGE x ArtSect x Typeone — March 23-April 13

Poster by CTRL + Z, Member of ALTER[core]

After weeks of planning and collaborative work, Alterrage has the pleasure to announce their first IRL (In Real Life) Phygital Fashion Exhibit in London, in partnership with ArtSect Gallery and Typeone.

Read more details below on the event and be sure to join us IRL as the exhibit will include exclusive releases and first access to the first Alterrage Edition!


DATES | March 23 2022 — April 13 2022

LOCATION | ArtSect Gallery : Studio 24, The Tram Depot, Upper Clapton Road, London E58BQ



Opening + Private Viewing — March 23, 2022

Exhibition open to public until April 13 2022

World 2 by YELLOSESAME | Jeffrey Huang

“We aren’t just creating digital fashion, we are fundamentally transforming the fashion industry for a collective and environmentally positive future.”

ArtSect Gallery is pleased to present the launch of FUTR E*SHCK, an exhibition future shop concept by the first decentralised fashion label, ​​Alterrage.

Across the gallery’s ground floor and inlaid throughout the virtual space, the exhibition expands the boundaries of immersive art and the dimensions in which virtual fashion can exist.

ArtSect Gallery Space | Previous Exhibition

Founded by American designer and entrepreneur Lauren Kacher, also known as KALAU, Alterrage is the first decentralised Web 3.0 fashion label; an affinity founded on co-creation, circular transparency, Web 3.0 values, and activism.

Caption from the FUTR E*SHCK Film

With their seasonal collections of PHYGITAL fashion products, Alterrage is redefining the fashion industry by optimising product format according to its most beneficial social and environmental impact.

Alterrage creates interoperable seasonal editions wearable in physical (In Real Life), augmented (On Real Life), and digital (Larger Than Life) worlds.

Alterrage calls this formula, METARALITY : IRL + ORL = LTL

The METARALITY Formula by Alterrage | Extract from Lite Paper

The FUTR*E SHCK exhibit is a journey through a future concept shop, alongside the Alterrage film, FUTR*E SHCK, premiered in the Paris ASVOF Film Festival and the first to merge digital fashion with co-creation, non-profit partnerships, and a strong call to action.

FUTR E*SHCK Digital Eco-activism Fashion Film

“Future Shock” is the term Alvin Toffler gave to the trauma that happens as a result of going through great changes in a short time. In his book, he explores how people can adapt to the changes they face, and while doing that he establishes a new social norm: embracing change.

“FUTR E*SHCK, by Alterrage, reinterprets this message through an eco-activist lens by connecting seemingly unrelated subjects of 3D creation, fashion, and e-waste into a compelling and authentic message.

E-waste, or electronic waste, encompasses electrical and electronic equipment that’s outdated, unwanted, or broken. That means everything from smartphones to end-of-life refrigerators. Basically, anything that runs on electricity that you’ve decided to get rid of. Globally, we only recycle 10% of our e-waste, a number that’s as shocking as it is depressing. As for the 90% we don’t recycle, it ends up getting landfilled, incinerated, or illegally traded.

e-wasteland Documentary by David Fedele

Inspired to bring attention to this cause, Alterrage partnered with three motion graphic artists, NGHTWLK (Matthew Davies), YELLOSESAME (Jeffrey Huang), and MSISTEMA (Marc Ferrer) to build a world filled with larger than life, electronic-inspired scenes and fashion; paired with an informative call to action.

To bring authentic information and fundamental solutions to the e-waste cause, Alterrage has partnered with The National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC), a network of committed proponents comprised of governments, non-government organizations, businesses, and consumers who advocate that producers fairly share responsibility in a circular economy and the mission of preventing e-waste.

10% of the Alterrage edition sales are donated to aid the cause of e-waste prevention.


- Consume less.

- Value your existing possessions.

- Repair and refurbish.

- Recycle through verified organisations.

- Demand organisations to take back their old products


Alterrage aims to transform the traditional fashion industry by empowering the individual through collective mutual gain. Established for fashion focused first movers comfortable making intuitive decisions, driven by what they believe in the world.

Within the ALTER[atelier], Alterrage co-creates seasonal editions with digital artists, fashion designers, and AR lens creators.

Alongside the film, interactive digital fashion pieces are showcased from the first Alterrage edition, miraging into the gallery via AR landscapes, holographic jewelry, and interactive digital mirrors.

ALTERRAGE x Jevels | The Crystalline Pendant Earrings available on jevels.com

The exhibition presents the idea that digital fashion can allow for omnipresence across physical, augmented and digital worlds, and improve both design, material efficiency, and the physical world itself.

RE-24K Boots by ALTERRAGE | KALAU x Stella Achenbach | Soon Available for Purchase

“What would you wear without the constraints of gravity, physics, or species? “

- Lauren Kacher / KALAU, Founder of Alterrage

LTL Season 1 | ALTER[donna] by catherinetheworst

Curated by Joshanne Dar.


Creative Direction : Lauren Kacher / KALAU

Digital Fashion : Alterrage

Digiterials : Stella Achenbach

World 1 : Matt Davies / NGHTWLK

World 2 : Jeffrey Huang / YELLOSESAME

World 3 : Marc Ferrer / MSISTEMA

Editor / Producer : Mikaela Arcangel

Logo Animation : Jerome Crosse / SIOUXSIDE


Concept — KALAU

Modeling — Stella Achenbach

AR Filter — Anastassiya Marchenko


Season Concept / Creative Direction — KALAU

Filter 1 | HeavE-waste Body Cage — Angarse / Ana Paula Garza Sepúlveda

Filter 2 | CPU Epaulettes — Lillian Sato

Filter 3 | CIRCUITIS E-Winged Corset — Digital Monkey

Filter 4 | Crystalline Smoke Bolero — Francis Chen


ALTER[donna] — Catherine the Worst



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