Our vision to open source our avatar technology

Play with the Core tech demo here.

The shift to the next evolution of the Internet is underway. Many core building blocks of the future metaverse stack are being rebuilt as decentralized, community-owned, and powered by open source. It feels like the early Web, and we like that.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we are joining that evolution by open sourcing our technology so others can build their own ecosystems atop it. Fueled by the $ALTER token — meant to reward all contributors and bestow superpowers on developers, creators, and community members to shape its future roadmap.

An open community building together in public towards a shared goal is unstoppable.

Given the scope and demand ahead of us, there is no better way to build the future of the Internet we desire. History has shown us that software controlled by a single company blocks innovation, and our goal is to align incentives to support and empower anyone to build without barriers.

You have probably seen the web2 vs. web3 keyboard wars on Twitter. And while entertaining to watch, this status quo change is collectively our once-in-a-decade opportunity to shape the future of the Internet for the better by not repeating the mistake of web2 patriarchy, walled gardens, and suddenly-pro-web3 boomer corporations owning it.

While unclear how web3 and its metaverse(s) end up shaping up, it’s imperative certain essential building blocks, e.g., who are we, and what do we look like in these digital worlds — must be shared, owned, and controlled by its active participants.

As developers, we experienced the other side of things when a crucial tool we depend on goes out of business or a platform changes its terms and cuts off API access. There are better ways where everyone can see the source, access is self-serve and not restricted with contracts, waitlists, or conditions to become a partner first, issues are found and fixed on the fly, and the entire community wins with every upgrade. That’s what we’re building at Alter.

Alter will be going through a significant transition over the coming months, and we have big dreams for 2022 to help ensure we have the tools to build this shared future together.

Get the SDK on Github and join our Discord to start building.

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Avatar infrastructure for the open metaverse and web3.

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Avatar infrastructure for the open metaverse and web3.

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