Getting past the blinking cursor

Here is to the guys who unfortunately have to stare at the blank screen and blinking cursor every time they try to key down a word. Here’s to the guys like me. And hopefully, they might find this technique too, typing in random rubbish just to get past the dreaded blinking cursor phase.

But apart from the random rubbish, what I want to write still remains a question. I don’t care whatever shit this is gonna become. This could be the worst of the articles I have ever penned down. But after all, what matters is actually typing down something. And yeah, I am doing it with both my hands. Well, kinda.

After 2 paragraphs and 110 words later, here I am. This is actually a good thing, since I haven’t done even this much free writing in ages.

Talking of ages, it might be interesting to delve in to the saga of the ages. oh, the story of the ‘times’! People, including you and me, the rebels for once, always blame the times. Blame it all on the times.

People are like this, society is like that, Earth has become like this, Future will be a dark abyss, I should’ve lived a few decades ago, blah, blah, blah…

I remember saying that I should’ve lived atleast a decade ago, just few days back. How many of us are the prisoners of similar thoughts??

This world is too narrow for cynics I guess. But it still is a fact that this cynicism rooted from the contempt towards the times. Oh yeah, blame it all on the times.

I could list out a hundred facts in the place of the blah, blah, blah but all this negativity is not doing me any good. Any good at all.

So before I contemplate on that too much, and fall into the not-so-cozy lap of depression, au revoir!