On Happiness

Happiness is a confusing topic. People talk about it all the time. Everyone shares their view somehow. And thus it is a rather difficult topic to write about too. You can’t know how much it messes with someone else’s perspective. And for some topics, perspective is all there is.

Everyone wants to be happy. Many say, I just want to be happy forever. The prospect of a happily ever after ending is too compelling. To be free from problems, to escape all tensions, to be comfortable and thus, to be happy all the time.

We were told beautiful fairy tales when we were small. The warrior always tamed the beast. The hero always saved the princess. The good guys always won. Everything had a happy ending.

We were told that the world is a very good place. We were told that we’ll become movie stars or magicians or astronauts. We were told that we are going to change the world and that we’ll lead a happy life.

But when we grew up, reality struck. Life’s hard. Nothing ever work out the way it’s supposed to be. People are not always nice. Troubles come uninvited. Relationships break . Deals get called off. Like I said, shit’s hard.

One curious fact is, everyone think they are the only ones neck deep in problems. Television and social media have us thinking that everyone else is leading a good life, except us. People share their best moments in life through fb or insta and make us think that they are living their dream. The happily ever after movies get the most viewers and have us envy the perfect little lives portrayed.

And all this make us resent our pitiful existence. Makes us think that we’re the only ones suffering. But in reality life’s hard for everyone else too. And they all are also after this thing called happiness.

And the case of happiness is curious. it works in mysterious ways. The more you seek it, the more you’ll be disappointed. The more you want it, the more you’ll be depressed.

Then how do you find happiness? patience dear friend. Life will surprise those who wait patiently, with happiness unmatched; For happiness is not for those who seek it, but is for those who create it.

I have endured years of guilt, to finally find that moment of true happiness. And it was completely worth it. Your mother endured months of agony and it was rewarded with that one moment of true happiness when she held you in her hands for the first time. True happiness is that single moment which makes you cry of joy, leaves you breathless and speechless, completely in awe. As much as happiness eludes you, such moments of true happiness stays with you. Always a fond memory, one that will never fade away.

Sooner or later you’ll realize, that life’s not gonna bring you the prince in white horse. Nor are you gonna live in that castle happily ever after. Life will let you down. And it will keep beating you down to ground. But if you keep moving on and stack the bricks one after one, your sweat’s work will finally achieve something. When that tiny home your bricks shape complete, then you’ll find what you were seeking for. Then you’ll find, happiness.

I used to believe that, there are no regrets in life, but just lessons. But one of the biggest lessons I later learned, was that there ARE regrets. Because most of the time, life don’t give you second chances. Opportunities don’t knock twice. The clock will always keep ticking and sadly we’re no time travelers. And you’re going to regret a lot of chances you didn’t take.

Because when you are in a position to do something that can make an impact, that can leave your signature and you don’t take that chance, you’re gonna regret that later. You can give up that responsibility and be happy as you wanted to be, free of all tensions. But True happiness come when you endure all that suffering and discomfort, and finally get that shit done.

True happiness comes when your take time off, and spend your life savings on that pilgrimage you always wanted to go on, enduring all that the journey offers — hunger,thirst,disease- and finally reach there, not when you take a trip to the amusement park nearby.

True happiness comes, when you quit that high paying job and spend years in a small room, working through sleepless nights, rationing the food and finally build that business to success, not when you get another promotion.

True happiness comes, when you climb that hill all the way to the top just to see the beautiful sunset, not when you order that latest movie from netflix.

True happiness comes when there was pain, suffering, effort and a bit of you in whatever you did, not when you find every waking moment comfortable. Don’t try to be happy forever, don’t crave for it, don’t go seek it. But suffer for it, get out of your comfort zone for it, and create it!

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