The Accidental Liars

I don’t want to be a liar. But I don’t want to be an outcast either. Two seemingly unrelated outcomes. But are they really?

We are connected than ever before. What used to be private affairs, are now out there for everyone to see. We now have inner circles, family circles, work circles, and all the way up to global circles.

And to stay connected, we have to be in the loop. Having developed an addiction to information, we just can’t not know.

To make small talk, we need to ‘know’. To not look like an idiot while hanging out with friends, we need to fucking ‘KNOW’.

But that’s no problem though. We have plenty of information-spewing, swipe-hungry apps in our pocket that don’t seem to get tired of overworking. It takes mere seconds to learn what happened in the opposite end of the world moments ago.

And once we see something interesting, our dopamine hungry brains can’t keep calm until we share it with somebody and learn that they find it interesting too. The process that makes stuff go ‘viral’.

The problem is interesting news and facts are dime a dozen. We are bombarded with them all day long, whether it be via Whatsapp or Facebook or Twitter or whatever else. And that makes it impossible for us to fact check every single piece of them.

And thus, on our quest for enriching the world with information, we assume they must be true; because we are smart and we just can’t go wrong.

Thus we keep the wheel turning and information flowing, without having any idea about the damage we are causing.

Fun fact: A google search for ‘fake news generator’ returned 5 million results.