Who are you?

The biggest of all frustrations is, not understanding yourself. Not understanding what you want. Not understanding your thoughts. There comes times our thoughts go places we never could comprehend. There comes times we do things that doesn’t make any sense to ourselves. There comes such times our thoughts drive us insane. And that is not a nice feeling. To not know whether we want this or that, whether the answer is this or that.

And the profoundest of questions man has faced, the question one must ask to himself pops up, “Who am I?”

It is THE question. The question we all seek answer to with our lives.

If it is bread that you seek, you will have bread
If it is the soul you seek, you will find the soul
If you understand this secret, you know you are that which you seek
— Rumi

So who are you? What makes you?
 Some say you are the sum total of your thoughts. Some others say you are the marks you leave behind. Some say you are the universe in itself. Who are you?

Can you really see it through a mirror? The mirror is not your friend. You look white, you look black, you look good or you look bad. That’s a mere reflection. That’s the mask. That’s how you appear. That is not you. And you sure as hell ain’t the make up or filters you hide behind.

Have you ever looked at the sky and wished if you could fly? If not, try now. You’ll feel your body dragging you down. Its uncomfortable weight. You’ll feel as if you are chained to it. You’ll want to be free. You will know, that you are not your body.

Then who are you?

You are not your name. You are not your family. You are not your friends. There is none better than you who know that well. There is something more to you than what any of them know. There is more to you than your best friend know. There is more to you than your partner know. There is more to you than words can express. There is more of you in the things you left unsaid, than in the ones you did. Haven’t you had those moments when you wished others could just read your mind?

People look at you and call you rich. But you know you’re not, not enough. Maybe they are calling you poor. But then again, you know you’re not. Not with what you have. People look at you and say you are beautiful, but you know you’re not. Or may be are calling you ugly, yet again you know you’re not. People don’t know what you know

You are not your attitude. You are not how you behave. Only you know what you are hiding behind that smile or that rage. Behind that cool or that impatience. Behind that extrovert or introvert you are. Aren’t you the girl that cry when no one is around? or the boy that fantasize taming villains? Only you know what you are inside. Or do you?

You are not your society. You are not what others told you to be. You are not the trodden paths your parents and teachers made you walk. Aren’t you the voice that is struggling to be heard?

What you are is not in what you studied, but is in what you have learned. What you are is not in your ambitions, but is in your obsessions. What you are is not in what you do to impress others or what you do to earn your bread, but is in the things you do for yourself.

Even so, none of this encompasses you. Well, who am I to comment. I don’t know you.

Who are you?