The Ultimate Guide to Heart Rate Variability (HRV): Part 4

Part 4: Common misconceptions

Misconception 1: Phones or watches are less accurate than straps in measuring HRV

Follow up, misconception 1b: Watches are all accurate in measuring HRV

Misconception 2: measuring during the night is better because you are unconscious

Misconception 3: Measuring before working out is more informative on my readiness than measuring in the morning

Misconception 4: HRV is the same as resting heart rate

Full text here.

Misconception 5: HRV should improve over time

Misconception 6: I cannot benefit from measuring HRV if I do not care about training

The period in which I was injured is color-coded in the first plot

Misconception 7: HRV is less useful than subjective data to capture how an athlete responds to training

Misconception 8: HRV is not useful if I do strength training

Last few words

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