Plainlegal is rebranding

A few years ago, we started Plainlegal to make it easier for attorneys to work with great clients. But, both our company and our software have evolved substantially since then.

After reflecting on our company and vision, we needed a name better aligned with our future and the future of legal tech. We’re not just simplifying IP practice. We’re innovating it. We’re not just speeding up tedious tasks. We’re automating them. In short, we’re creating an alternative, better way to practice.

We’re also building the alternative legal software company: the alternative to expensive legacy software, long-term contracts, and unnecessary fees for basic support and essential features.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rebranded as Alt Legal.

Our dedication to building the most powerful, intuitive IP software and being the most customer-friendly legal technology company will not change, just our name.

Thank you to all of our supporters over the years, and a special thank you to our customers for your business, encouragement, and trust.

Nehal Madhani
CEO, Alt Legal

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