Altmarkets Announce Bounty Bonus Program in association with DFT Draftcoin was designed in order to attract crypto enthusiasts, newcomers to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as the gaming community awards.

Users are able to increase their cryptocurrency holdings using the BTCDraft platform with generous staking rewards and playing fun games.

Altmarkets is proud to announce a special double bonus offer to all it’s users giving them two great chances to acheive a supply of the originating coin from BTC Draft, DFT!

Two Phase Airdrop Instructions

Phase One:

DFT reward amount (20)

  1. Sign Up:

(All sign-ups via this refferal code will also get an additional unclassified bonus!)

2 . Create a Deposit Address:

3. Play any game on the BTCDraft Gaming Platform once you are signed into your account to allow your account to be eligible for the DFT Reward (all new accounts will recieve a free balance to play with on the platform)

Phase Two:

Instructions for the second part of this bounty bonus will be live shortly once phase one is complete

DFT DraftCoin is a tradable cryptocurrency which can be purchased, and traded today at almarkets:


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