We try to incorporate multiple points of view, but on second read, we agree with you — this is just too far out of our vision for the publication
Our apologies, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Indivisible Movement

And you didn’t notice this until a “second read”? Your response to Ré Harris is, frankly, insulting. This was not a complicated and heavily nuanced piece that may have contained problematic arguments, this was a capital R racist rant. I’ve taught 10 yr old ESL students who would have had no problem whatsoever in picking out the racism halfway through it.

If you didn’t pick up on it until a second read, you have no place being an editor for a publication. To me, you either didn’t read it at all but published it anyway, or you agree with the perspective in the piece. Either of those scenarios points to a very serious problem.

UPDATE March 27 / 2017

Seems like they don’t like criticism. Not only did I not get a response, I’ve been blocked by Indivisible, the editorial handle that wrote the apology to which I was responding.

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