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First off, I assure you my education in this area is extensive and most certainly does not need to be enhanced by someone who uses the term “race card” and “the blacks”.

Secondly, if you are going to insert your opinions into a discussion already taking place, it would help to have a working knowledge of the terms inherent to that discussion. By your statements I can only assume you are defining racism as discrimination or prejudice based on skin color? That may be how you define this dynamic but the accepted definition from the civil rights era onward that has been used by most every anti racist organization, academic text, and most importantly by most of the people racism affects in experiential ways, has been one that includes power in the equation. Racism = Racial Prejudice + Power.

Racial Prejudice:

Refers to attitudes based on derogatory assumptions stemming from misconceptions about race/skin color.


Refers to the authority granted by social structures through access to means and resources that reinforce our dominant racial structures. Example, the ingrained system of white supremacy in North America. Which is to say, the current status quo.

Please understand this discussion is one where those taking part are showing substantial good will as well as a sincere effort to examine some heavily nuanced issues of race, power, privilege, and notions of entitlement. If you want to continue to spout the “reverse racism” nonsense, and what “the blacks” do, I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding a discussion sympathetic to your tribe. This discussion, however, is not one of them.

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