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Good question, Jennifer Brown.

If I wasn’t only occasionally cynical, I probably would have stopped writing and ranting (maybe) quite a long time ago. Or I’m simply a masochist. Which, thankfully for me, I’m decidedly not. The whole fine line between pleasure and pain thing? Yeah, not so fine. I’m an admitted pain wimp. But, that’s another story.

Back to why do we put our opinions online if we can’t change anyone's mind? I have a few ideas, and then a story.

First, I think it’s important to be heard. To stand up for something. To let the record show. Because when you are the first to call something out, to name what no one else is willing to name, the odds are you’ve almost certainly been the inspiration for another taking that step.

Second, I think that our words do have potential to change minds. None of us have any idea where, when, and with who our singular voice will resonate. To me, that is the true beauty of the internet and the historical record it creates.

If I sound overly assured and too confident in this contention, it would be because of the story below, published in October of 2015 …

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