Thanks alto and Heather Nann for giving us a place to express ourselves and peek into each other’s…
Hana Leshner

Hana, thank you so much for saying that. It is appreciated, and means more than you can know.

When I went into the MFA program I knew the stats weren’t good; less than 5% of us would ever make a decent living from writing. Clearly, money was never my goal. But I have to say that editing CG is as rewarding, if not more so than my “to pay the bills career” (which I truly love). Not only having a venue to write, but the privilege to selectively curate work that cultivates a specific vibe, is a richly satisfying place to be. So, thanks go to to you and all the other CG writers who give this publication its tangible merit. It’s yours as much as it is mine.

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