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Hi Harper,

I think if you were offended by the term Veronica Montes used, “people of color”, that is unfortunate. Though I’m curious to know what it is that you find offensive, as I have never seen the term provoke this type of reaction when it is used, as Veronica did, to actively promote and encourage more diverse voices. I can tell you that as a publication editor, Veronica and several of the team at Made Up Words have been in active discussion with other publications, mine included, on ways to recruite and amplify the voices of marginalized minorities.

That being said, I do respect your opinion and your contention that the term is offensive to you. As someone who often teaches anti-racism workshops and was trained and mentored by The Peoples Institute For Survival And Beyond, I would be curious to know what term you would suggest for us to use when engaging in discussions around race and inclusion?

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