Tim’s Revenge
Simon Trepel, MD

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for this piece and your support. I was touched to see this article and I’m glad you took the time to write it.

While highly unfortunate, this experience has been nothing if not a learning opportunity. Having some time to reflect on all that occurred, I think we were justified in the actions taken. But the experience has caused significant introspection, especially on the issue of “post event management”. Issues such as where do our responsibilities in identifying issues infringe on the rights of all parties involved, when does healthy discussion become exploitative, and most importantly, how can we do this better if it happens again.

For me, the biggest lesson here is to listen to my gut and trust my own experience. I had a small gnawing doubt from the first piece as to the degrees he claimed. When I realized he was claiming 5 degrees, a professorship, and penning his work from an authoritative lens, is when I began to question, but I should have questioned more aggressively. I have two graduate degrees, and that took a lot of money, dedication, years of employment required preparation, not to mention a significant portion of my adult life. To have four graduate degrees and a PhD and have taught in a tenured position for ten years is highly unlikely, if not impossible for someone around my age, which he claimed he was.

Thank you again for writing this piece. It is more than appreciated.

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