I see Mike.
Susan Christiana

Hi Susan Christiana,

In a move that is likely to surprise no one, I must take issue with Mike Essig and his description of a “PC Minefield” as being “a place where you never know what word will get blown up.”

That description is an intentionally imprecise conflation of an arbitrary censorship cast on culture through the activism of a hypersensitive, vocal minority. Usually constructed by those who refuse to recognize that there are intersectional oppressions at work in the lives of people they share the country with, and yet repeatedly refuse to acknowledge or view those people as they self identify.

It is both complaining of, and denying the necessity for the oh so Herculean effort it takes to realize that the majority of North Americans, by virtue of being just that, operate from a default perspective that is in most cases straight, while, able-bodied, and male.

For a deeper discussion of the misuse of the term PC, I will include the recent piece I wrote about this issue.

Susan, thank you for asking the question, since it is a frequent area of misunderstanding that those making the claim rely on. As I suspect it is in this case.

For the record, this is a response to an incorrect definition. It is not something that from my perspective is up for debate, and as such, I will not provide further comment.

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