white men are unimpressive.
jayy dodd.


I love this piece! As a white male who actively fights against racism and teaches anti-racism at the college level, I always try to be conscious of where my voice is helpful and needed, helpful but potentially overshadowing the voice of a POC, or not helpful. Those distinctions are often difficult and contextually dependent, but hugely important none the less.

The unfortunate fact is that in 2015, anything that I say to white people, formally or informally, can and is being said by POC, better and with actual lived experience to back it up, than I could ever hope to. Part of the goal is getting to the point where 1. my voice is not required, and 2. the voice of a person of a POC will be as effective or more in altering white perspectives that are in need of change.

I think above all, any white person who is serious about promoting anti racism has to realize it is always a position of deference, and it must always be open and accepting of critique.

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