Mea Culpa
LaMar Going

Leave My Name Out Of Your “Work”

Okay, LaMar Going, I am going to ask you politely to not tag me in any response you make in the future. While I do intend to respond in detail to this latest round of nonsense you’ve managed to entangle yourself in yet again, at the moment I am dealing with far more important issues that don’t include wasting my time responding to faux mea culpa’s from your latest installment of homophobic, bigoted, racist crap stemming from the insincere, overly inflated, excessively flowery second rate prose that you, for some reason, insist on putting out there.

Is that clear enough? Oh, and before you say “well others have tagged you Allan”, let me cut you off at the pass. The others who have tagged me in their responses are writers whom I enjoy reading and have a certain level of respect for. You are not one of them. Which is to say, leave me out of anything you decide to publish.

However, as I said, my response, which more succinctly could be called my clarification, is coming. You can count on it.

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