Twitter Troll Trigger Alert
Heather Nann


Nice! I still say he is a sadistic meth head that is gayer than a Cats chorus boy. Either way, nine times out of ten they are the guys who hate you because your comment was infinitely more erudite than theirs, so rather than have their ass kicked by a woman, they need to make it about looks.

  1. If you are conventionally attractive they want to hate fuck you or gang rape you. Or assure you that you are a slut, whore, or frigid.
  2. Or, they need to tell you that you aren’t pretty enough, skinny enough, have a cougar face, bad hair (this coming from the boys with mullets) or you are obviously a bad lay.
  3. If you are even slightly overweight or not conventionally attractive by their narrow and blond, button nose definition, you are either a humorless feminazi dyke with hairy legs that wears Petchula and never smiles, or you are fat which in their world nothing can mitigate.
  4. If however they are called on that BS, well then you are a whiny, no fun, overly sensitive PC kill joy “victim”. What’s wrong can’t you take a joke? Or, the famous “don’t be so angry!”
  5. If you are a gay man, no matter what your argument, or how traditionally ciis gender you may present, you are and always will be a show tune loving Nancy boy who takes it up the poop chute and can’t catch a ball. My favorite response to that one is always “So I guess a fuck is out of the question?” Safe to say that is usually the final word.