Best thing I ever did! I lived, breathed, ate, slept and talked words for almost two years — my words, others’ words, authors I knew, authors I didn’t, poetry, fiction, essays, how to think about words, how to think about readers…
My history, for what little it’s worth…
Sherry Kappel

So well said, and so accurate in what that experience turned out to be, at least it did for me. Where did you go Sherry Kappel? I did mine at University of Toronto -OISIE, a combined degree option in creative nonfiction and writing for social change.

I’m curious, what was your experience with the writing workshop? In retrospect, I’m both pro and con on the format. With a great facilitator it’s learning like nothing else. With a weak instructor that doesn’t, or can’t, put the brakes on out of hand critique, it can seriously undermine even the best writer. I had a good measure of both, though thankfully the experience was largely first rate.

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