I see… So it’s a “trigger word” for you… Therefore you get to… No.

TeriJo, as with anything, you are always best to go with your gut. It took me a little time to figure out who it was, since good ol Rev Fred had blocked me a while ago. However, hosting a publication with its own Medium handle does have a benefit or two. So I wasn’t surprised when I logged in to find good old Fred. I forgot what a rude and self centered piece of shit he could be.

Some may find that assessment a tad harsh, but in my book he’s a troll of the first order, hiding his vitriol behind occasionally articulate critiques of whatever the topic may be. But watch him long enough and you’ll soon see the angry little man howling behind cover of his computer screen, his singular intent to diminish another.

And even if that wasn’t the case, someone who has not one piece of his own actual work beyond responses, has a fuck of a lot of nerve critiquing the poetic verse of someone else. In my opinion, he is not worth your time or concern.