What a lovely tribute to a special friend.
Colette Clarke Torres

Thanks for sharing this, Colette. Having lost many people close to me after this incident with Bill, I’ve learned that one of the brutal realities of impending death is that it doesn’t let you work on your own time. It is what it is, and ready for it or not, it decides when your time here is over. I’m truly sorry your cousin is having to go through that now, and for the grief and loss you and his family will feel.

When I was reading your piece the one thing that stood out for me is my hope that his children will be able to access the great wealth of memory and storytelling that reside in you. Reading your memories of him, from thoughts of his wife through diaper changes clearly shows a rich personal narrative that would be a gift to them in possibly knowing and understanding a father gone too soon. You have an amazing gift for writing, Colette. It would be equally amazing if those children could know it in the form of memories of their father.

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