Hello alto ,
Susan Christiana

Thanks for the response Susan Christiana.

From your question to Mike and the tone of your answer I had assumed it was a genuine question. Also, from what I’ve read of yours, I had no doubt of your sincerity either. From my way of thinking, two factors which gave me more reason to comment.

I apologize if my final statement about not engaging further responses and saying that, in my eyes, the debate was over was poorly worded. It was intended as neither a direct nor indirect reference to you commenting further. Just one regarding my own intentions. Which, we see how well those worked out :)

So really, I wanted to say two things. Medium can be a steep curve, with conversations spanning several threads and lengths of time. They also carry with them the very human responses from all participants. As a new person, that is not always easy to navigate, and often intimidating to see where you fit in.

The short answer, you do fit in. Please, do not hesitate to comment, and if you are unsure about the context, just ask. Exactly as you did. I do apologize for not being sensitive to the reality that not everyone is starting on these discussions at the same mark.



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