Change of Plan

Thanks, Meg, for writing this.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to offer you and anyone who submitted their story my sincere apology for the withdrawal of the book. I know I speak for my co-workers on the project when I say that if any of us had known that daCunha would back out of their stated commitment to create a book on resistance, none of us would have gotten involved. However, that is exactly what happened.

Having said that, at this point I prefer to move forward and attempt to create something positive out of this unfortunate situation. If anything, this gives the team a rare opportunity to move a project ahead solely on the basis of how we, the editors, in partnership with the artists who submit their work, feel it should evolve. While large scale opportunities may be limited, there is an inherent benefit in not being beholden to the whims and priorities of stakeholders who have little or no personal or emotional investment in the work.

One thing that we can offer you and those who trusted us with their work is our 100% assurance that we will take this project to completion. While it is a bit too early for details, as this this all occurred a week ago today, please know we are pursuing a range of options that will allow for more than one incarnation of this project, thus allowing more opportunity for participation and engagement from those with solid and compelling work to share. As I mentioned in the previous message, our team will be in touch with those whose work we were considering soon. While I can’t give you an exact time frame, I anticipate it to be no more than a week, maybe sooner. If anyone has questions or concerns not answered here, I have created a project email just for that reason. Please direct your questions to and we will get back to you the same day.

Thanks again, Meg. For both this announcement and for your ongoing trust and faith in our team. It is my sincere hope we can all attempt this thing together.