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Thanks, Todd Hannula 🤓, for your post and explanation. However, I feel I need to clarify a few points that are either absent, or not clear the way they have been described.

First, any discussion and resultant decision for daCunha to pull out of the book project after the call for submissions had closed, were discussions and decisions that neither I, nor the other editors were privy to. When I was informed of your plans to quit the project, the decision had already been made. As you will recall, the rest of the team was notified the next day during our weekly skype call.

While the fallout from this decision is not likely to affect daCunha in any measurable way, that does not mean it is any less jarring to the writers who have submitted work, and to the team that you terminated. Changing direction, at this stage, from what was the promise of a published book to however the project will ultimately manifest, is a major disruption that no one views as ideal. It is, however, a reality. And it is a reality that myself and the rest of the team are committed to seeing through to completion.

To those who have submitted work, once daCunha has provided us with your email address we will be in touch. That will likely be in a few days. We will be asking if you are interested in moving forward with us, and if you are, we will provide some information on where we go from here. In closing, please know we are committed to showcasing your important and needed work on resistance. Our goal is to curate that work into a collection that will have a permanent and appropriate home.

Finally, I would like to sincerely apologize for this unfortunate disruption. While what occurred was beyond the team’s control, we are excited about the new opportunity that change has provided.

Allan Rae
Co Founder / Co Editor
The Resistance Project