The “Pro Life” Section


Not exactly sure what to make of this. After logging in to the Medium homepage, I noticed in the navigation menu a tab I hadn’t seen before.

Pro Life.

Is Medium really dedicating a specific menu link and section to articles which, at their core, support an ideology that does not respect a woman’s choices regarding bodily autonomy and self destiny? After clicking on the link, I was somewhat surprised and disappointed to see that is exactly what they are doing.

If this is truly a space that encourages interaction, discussion, and is serious about welcoming all perspectives, why is the menu item and section not labelled Reproductive Rights, or Abortion Debate? Because, let’s face it, if Pro Life is being used to describe the people and belief systems that would deny access to abortion services, then “pro life” is the wrong descriptor. “Forced pregnancy” would be more apt.

On a highly visible social networking platform like Medium, these decisions do not occur lightly. Having a link to a featured section at the top of a homepage does not happen by mistake, intentionality and strategic planning are at the center of what those menu items link to.

I would be very interested to know why it is that Medium is promoting one side of a hugely contentious issue to the exclusion of the countering opinion? Like it or not, that is privileging the voices of those who wish to deny women access to abortion services.