I Love Qatar Air

About Those Upgrades

Two points, augustkhalilibrahim

1. Love the dress!

2. Airlines. I can so relate. Because when they are good, they’re life savers. In my case that would have been British Airways.

In the late 1990’s I worked in Central Asia as a base camp paramedic for climbing groups that tackled the Tien Shen mountain range. It was a 30 day in / 30 day out rotation. So, six times a year the company would pay for a round trip British Airways business class ticket to London from where ever home was. Pretty swanky, huh? No, not when you consider the remaining leg of the journey from London to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Two words. Domestic Aeroflot. The Russian national airline, jokingly referred to as Aeroflop. Yes, it was that bad. Nine cramped hours on something called a Tupolev Tu-204, with meals that looked not disimilar to what you see below.

Anyway, flying out of London to Toronto the day before Christmas was your usual Heathrow Terminal 3 nightmare. I was cranky, exhausted from the nine hour domestic flight from hell, and too hot from my too warm North Face arctic level parka. Definitely not in the best of moods to be told that the flight was full and they had overbooked business class. Gritting my teeth until they hurt, I waited for my boarding pass, envisioning being relegated to row 36, the middle seat of five, screaming kids, and being served a condom size piece of stale cheddar cheese and a rubber chicken entree. To my surprise, the smiling ticket agent handed me a boarding pass which indicated 1A, and said in her jolly English accent, “I’ve taken the liberty of moving you to first class. Enjoy.”

You got to love British Airways.

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