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Home is an interesting word. The definition, “where one resides”, is not particularly complicated. Its meaning, however individual, often changes over time. For me, home has always been the place I was raised, a physical location where experience crafted memories. Throughout the various stages of my life, those specific places…

Daria Nepriakhina UNSPLASH

My mother died from complications due to brain cancer on September 25, 2010. She was seventy eight. What I didn’t know, was that during her illness she had composed a number of letters to be read by my father and I after her death. They were, and are, priceless memories…

image by allan rae

No, I said masks, not bikini underwear! Despite what the above image may look like. But more on that in a second.

New Header

You may have noticed SNAPSHOTS homepage has a beautiful new header. This amazing image was taken by recently added SNAPSHOTS writer June Nguyen. …

Protestors crowd a street, facing away from the camera. Facing the camera is a cardboard sign saying Black Lives Matter.
Image: Max Bender Unsplash

Everyone, save those who’ve been unconscious or off the technological grid for the past two weeks, has by now heard of George Floyd, the 46-year-old Black man unnecessarily detained, abused, and ultimately killed by a Minneapolis police officer. …

image: Allan Rae


This poem is a part of “Equal People,” Our Human Family’s anthology of international poetry on equality and inclusivity.

What will it take
to let compassion reign
to see beyond an icy gaze of neutrality
to realize universality, the human within
one born free hairless and guiltless as sky
into this swollen congealed place defined…

I once read an interview with a well-known Canadian fiction writer who leaves her house every morning, strolls to a little English cottage on the far corner of her wooded property, and spends her writing time undisturbed; creating, plotting, considering, all while sipping hot cider, listening to nothing but the…

“What texture challenge” you may rightly ask, given that these results are arriving significantly later than intended. I know “sometimes life gets in the way” is a lazy sounding reason, but it’s the one that best describes my past month. …

Took these shots last night, before getting an expected dumping of 10–15 cm of snow. Right now, we’re about half of that total.

We woke up to it. Snow. Wet, cold, winter heralding snow.

I don’t know, perhaps I’ve lived in the Great White North too long, but there is something fundamentally wrong with the white stuff on the ground before Halloween. Like Christmas trees in malls before Thanksgiving, just no.

However, if you walk on four legs, lick your junk because you can, and take comfort rolling in dead things, well then today was your lucky day.

Happier than a pig in shit.

As you can see, geared with shiny new Hi-Vis toys, Mr. Moles and our temporary house guest, Miss Farley, made the most of what for the adults in the house was a bit of a bummer day.

Oh well, at least some us had a good time.

Allan Rae (alto)

Educator, HIV researcher, former flight paramedic, MFA, poetry, creative non fiction, memoir, intersectional justice, satire, dog stories.

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