7 Times the Dreamworks Logo Boy Said My Name Before the Movie Began
Brian Firenzi

At first I was taken aback by the absurdity of it all. It even took me a while to wrap my mind around what sort of story was being told. Was this some sort of article on the man who had created the DreamWorks boy and a way to hook us into reading it? When I realized it was some strange absurd fiction I almost closed the window but then I skimmed through and finally couldn’t stop reading, wishing it was I who had been Brian, one lucky enough to be spirited away to a realm of an expanse of sky filled with clouds and fish and nothing more than the sliver of a moon to call home.

Then I realized how quickly I’d tire of such an existence and looked around for a like or +1 or upvote button only to find nothing. Anyway thanks for keeping me entertained while at work. I truly did enjoy the story. It took me back to the weirdness I loved when I was much younger.

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