Altonomy reminds existing and potential customers on safe trading

Recently, scammers impersonated Altonomy to trade illiquid tokens. We immediately recognized the scam and raised the safety concern within our internal teams as well as to our customers including ICO projects and crypto hedge funds.

As the trusted trading arm to all of our 80+ partners, Altonomy holds our clients’ interest and protection as the highest priority. We set up reliable communication channels to ensure the privacy and security of the trading information. We also invested heavily in building robust mid- and back- office infrastructure to safeguard our clients’ assets.

Altonomy customers should always confirm the identity by emailing for trading matters or for other questions. Our official domain names are and If you see any other variations, please disregard or flag them to Altonomy team.

As the first OTC desk providing OTC trading service for Grin and Beam, we welcome and thank you for your business. Let’s exercise caution and enjoy trading!