The times they are a-changing

Mike Pence got booed at a showing of Hamilton last night.

And the cast addressed him.

My thoughts are these:

First, how did he get tickets to the most in-demand show on Broadway? Clearly there was some exercise of privilege.

Second, props to him for wanting to go see the show, and I hope he got something out of it.

Third, I can totally imagine a New York audience booing him. New Yorkers are a tough crowd. When Trump brought campaigning down to the level of spectator-sport, he brought on this kind of disrespect, onto himself, Pense, and his future administration.

I do remember someone throwing a shoe at President Bush (the second one) — — but that wasn’t an American. I won’t be surprised to see that kind of disrespect of our leaders happening more and more here in the U.S.

The fact is, change is happening at an accelerating pace. Trump (and Pence) are going to generate a lot more hostility before they are done, but meanwhile the country will move on, with or without them. As soon as their policies fail, or blow up, or alienate the voters who brought them into office, they will be irrelevant.

And we will all turn our grateful eyes to the next election.