Google trends tells us about what people search for. This gives insight to consumer spending and — in cases of stocks that have low fixed cost and high online presense — their quarterly earnings.

Training a linear regression model (not vanilla, but seasonally adjusted and using differencing) we can forecast…

There are many forms of institutional investors

Institutional investors often buy and sell substantial blocks of stocks, bonds, or other securities. As these groups are not technically retail investors, certain laws and regulations aren’t as strictly applied to them as others, as it is assumed that the institutional crowd is more knowledgeable than retailers, and thus they…

Market Consensus vs Altsignals Prediction


The Altsingals.AI alternative data platform provides investment signals in the following key categories:

  • Web traffic — signal based on number of visitors to company web site to estimate company sales for a given period (eg quarter)
  • Twitter — this signal displays a heat map of social sentiment trends on the…

The heat map below displays the sentiment of tweets related to some of the largest US companies using their cashtags (eg. Amazon’s would be $AMZN).Here’s what the different colours represent:

  • Green — Improved sentiment
  • Red — Worsened sentiment
  • Grey — Neutral
Twitter Sentiment Heat Map

What does this tell us?

A quick glance at this on June 29th, 2020…


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