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Dec 28, 2017 · 3 min read
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Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity

Money is a universal medium of exchange for satisfying rapidly changing human needs and sustaining life in the modern day world. However, ‘money’ no longer just refers to bank notes and coins.

Cryptocurrency or Digital Money is gaining widespread popularity in the financial world. It is an advanced form of money that provides not only a convenient, prompt and secure method of payment for goods and services but also a chance to make a profit.

Digital currencies are cryptographically encoded to ensure that all transactions made are absolutely safe and do not require any third parties for validation.

As at December 2017, there are more than 80 million cryptocurrency wallets registered all over the world.

Crypto Exchange

There are many crypto exchanges, each with its unique challenges, ranging from working with a limited amount of coins, to lack of a simple user interface, and relatively slow operation.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple to use application where one could conveniently and securely realize all the possibilities provided by cryptocurrencies?

Introducing Alttex Exchange platform

Alttex is a powerful mobile solution for managing all your cryptocurrencies in one secure application. It gives you access to a Decentralized exchange platform, Crypto-messenger and a Smart vault.

Why Alttex?

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Alttex has the following advantages over other exchange platforms.

  • Speed
  • Convenience (Access multiple cryptocurrencies from one secure application)
  • Instant Messaging (Network and collaborate with other users in real time)
  • Multi-layered Security
  • Advanced blockchain technology

How it Works

Alttex works with all major cryptocurrencies and any transaction made via the exchange platform is commission-free!

Alttex was developed exclusively for mobile devices. It lets you quickly and securely buy, sell, exchange and transfer any crypto coins using your regular bank cards.


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  • AlttexMessaging: Allows users network and collaborate with each other on the go via text and voice messages using an inbuilt crypto-messenger.
  • Mobile calls at the lowest rates.
  • Flexible online shop where you can conveniently buy and sell anything using cryptocurrency.
  • Alttex SmartSafe: A smart vault that ensures absolute security of your cryptocurrencies. It also provides nformation about your available balance, daily exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies and other important information.
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Please visit for more information.

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