Altura Safe Workplace Solution — A Technology You Can Trust In Emergencies

Safety of employees should be the foremost priority of every company or organization. Most of the companies do provide a safe workplace for their employees, but there can be unexpected emergency situations that can put life of employees in danger like — fire, weather emergency, intruder or any other hazardous situation.

Safety First At Work Place

To save the lives of employees from these emergency situations AlturaCS has come up with a solution — Altura Safe Workplace Solution. Using the safety solutions provided by the company, lives of employees will no longer be in harm’s way.

Altura Safe Workplace Solution takes Communication Technology to the Next Level :

Altura has partnered with Avaya to offer the latest safety and security communication solutions that are specially designed for workplace emergencies. These solutions are quite economical and can be easily deployed in enterprises, hospitals and local government agencies to keep employees safe.

Altura Safe Workplace Solution

In any emergency situation, Altura’s Safe Workplace solutions will provide a range of security and notification capabilities, from emergency 9–1–1 calls to strobe lights, alarms and lots more. The quick, appropriate actions in the emergency situations can save critical time and protect the well-being of your employees.

Industry Leading Features of Altura Safe Workplace Solution :

  • E9–1–1 emergency calls.
  • Remote access to the complete communications system through mobile devices.
  • Centralized video administration.
  • Fully integrated visual alerting.
  • Instant, coordinated communications.
  • Open architecture for media streaming.
  • Audible alerting systems, even in loud environments.
  • Communications-enabled door controls.
  • Latest strobe lights and security alarms.

Altura Safe Workplace Solution not only delivers an array of state-of-the-art collaboration communication solutions, but also helps enterprises in their daily operations.