IP Video Surveillance Network Making Places More Secure

The advancements in the field of video surveillance cameras have been quite significant over the past few years. Previously, the security camera industry was inundated with analog cameras of low quality.

It was costlier to deploy and maintain them as compared to the latest IP video surveillance cameras. These latest cameras offer high-definition video quality and can be powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet).

A Person Looking at IP Video Surveillance Network in Control Room.

IP Video Surveillance network is offering high-definition endpoints at a lower cost in comparison to traditional surveillance systems.

The companies can now deploy their new IP video surveillance systems on the IP network that is being used for their other IT services.

If you’re concerned about the video quality, then let me tell you that it’s much better than the traditional systems.

In 2014, only 25 % of video surveillance problems were not related to network. Nearly, 75 % of the rest complications were related to the network or storage issues.

In 2014, zkresearch.com conducted an IP Video Surveillance Survey. According to it, the most pressing priority related to IP video surveillance was network performance.

Video Surveillance on Smart-phone

The latest surveillance systems by top networking companies have eliminated these network complexities.

All the supermarket stores, shopping malls, schools, offices, hospitals, banks, airports using the latest surveillance systems are more secure than those using traditional analog systems.

You can access the footage of your IP camera anytime, anywhere on your smart-phone app. It gives the power to make changes to your surveillance systems remotely. There are many other benefits of using IP Video Surveillance network.

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