From where these christian morons come from?
Erick Jones

Not sure why Christianity is bullshit but casting spells isn’t. And somebody did ask for a response — right there, where it says “be the first to respond!” Plus — democracy, right!? Anyway, I can’t seem to find my prior cogent and careful thoughtful responses, so I’ll try once more then let this go.

Please let’s not confuse any biblical Christianity with the practices described here. Believers, read your scripture. Any power that isn’t God, any divination, prophecy or manipulation that isn’t subject to the lordship and will of Christ is to be avoided. We are encouraged to pray for those in authority, and God is sovereign, and we live in a participatory democracy and still have the freedom to speak out about the things our politicians do, and so people are. I appreciate the desire of most of the contributors here to work on behalf of what seems to be good and right, but there is only one God and He is sovereign and He will judge. If interested here are a few places where the Bible addresses witchcraft…

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