It is amazing how Europeans and Americans, who are the descendants of Europeans , selectively forget all the atrocities they and their descendants have caused in Africa, Asia, American, and South America.

They have killed, and stolen vast amounts of resources in the past and present, and think that they will not feel the effects of their actions, past and present.

Innocent people have been killed in Europe, but also vast numbers of innocent people killed and maimed in Africa, America, South America, and Asia . Take a look at the lives of the descendants of the above peoples today in Europe and America. Same soup , different day.

We all are victims of each other. Have there ever been mention where the people from Africa or South America have gone to Europe and invaded and pillage their countries , absolutely not? Let’s not for get the Middle East!!!

“Think not oh bold man that the arm of Allah has weaken, nor flatter your self with hopes that He has wink at your behavior, His eyes pierced the secret of every heart and remember them forever” . As my Grandmother often said “ you may get by, but you will not get away”.

Allah said in His book ( Qur’an) “is there any reward for good except good”?

People of delusion do not know that they are delusional. Wake up people, and face the reality of our behavior.

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