Gig workers lack access to benefits such as paid sick leave.

As digital transforms the workforce, benefits providers and advisors must adapt their offerings.

With the rise of gig economy drivers and homesharing hosts, insurers have an opportunity to fill these coverage gaps.

The diverse sharing economy, full of micro-transactions, leaves insurance gaps.

As 2018 winds down and 2019 begins, the insurance industry continues its digital transformation.

For the insurance industry, 2018 was about making space for new technology, new players, and new partnerships. There is much to come in the year ahead.

Examining data helps nonprofits demonstrate impact.

Donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders want to know their contributions are making a difference. Data analytics can help.

Reducing paperwork can save the healthcare industry billions.

Digital processing and payment of claims enables faster reimbursement and greater customer satisfaction. It is also becoming a competitive necessity.

The future of healthcare includes access to doctors via telemedicine.

With the right solutions in place, telehealth technology will lower the cost of care.

Not-for-profit organizations face digital transformation in an increasingly-connected world.

Nonprofits may be different from corporations, but they are not immune to disruption. Here’s a framework to understand how digital can benefit your organization.

A doctor reaches through the computer to examine his sick patient.

Not every patient is ready to use telemedicine, but there are ways to help speed its adoption.

Climate change increases the threat of flooding, risking homes.

Insurance companies are tackling climate change challenges while insurtech disruptors fill coverage gaps.

Connected health devices could face cyber threats.

Connected health devices are putting cybersecurity at risk, and existing insurance coverage may not be enough. But there are solutions.

Aluance is a boutique #DigitalStrategy consultancy and an emerging innovator in the health and insurance technology spaces. #InsurTech #HealthTech

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