ALU School of Business Launches at WEF Africa 2016

This past week, at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda, the ALU School of Business (ALUSB) launched at a press conference featuring ALU Founder, Fred Swaniker, ALU Chancellor Graça Machel, and former African Development Bank President, Donald Kaberuka. The topic of the press conference was How can Africa Re-think Education and Foster the Next Generation, a title eminently suited to announce the launch of ALUSB, a revolutionary new school of business set to transform education on the continent.

ALU Founder, Fred Swaniker at WEF Africa 2016

Swaniker began by outlining the challenges faced in Africa when it comes to education and employment.

“We have a young and growing population. By 2050, we will have the largest workforce in the world; one billion people will need jobs.”

Swaniker explained that Africa’s universities are not adequately training young people for the 4th industrial revolution. He gave the example of South Africa, in which 800,000 positions are vacant, and yet 600,000 university graduates are unemployed and looking for work.

For Swaniker, the next generation of African leaders, “if nurtured properly, could become a truly powerful force for developing our continent...” His vision is develop 3 million African leaders over the next 50 years through a network of universities across the continent.

Donald Kaberuka, former President of the African Development Bank, spoke next, stating

“I am happy as Chairman of ALU’s Global Advisory Council to bring as many people into this coalition as possible.”

Graça Machel, Chancellor of ALU, added an additional dimension, noting the unique way in which ALU approaches education. By considering the challenges Africa will face, ALU works backwards to determine which curricula will best address those challenges in the years to come. Machel also noted that ALU will ensure gender equality:

“We are not only talking of gender equality, we are building the conditions for men and women to see themselves as equal, to be equally equipped.”

Swaniker concluded the press conference by saying, “…traditional models of development won’t work. We need to think about radical new models like this business school. It’s a very different type of university.”

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