Etherscan logo Approved, Github update, and more upcoming event

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Hello all.

We have a good news, our token logo has been approved by the etherscan team! We will publish our official smart contract before the presale begins.

We have also updated our Github, still the first step in our project. In the future we will share a lot of source-code on our Github, but with one thing support us project through tomorrow’s Presale and always support one another in our community.

On our github there is a source code repository file intended for accounts namely: account sign in source code and account sign up source code. …

New Design, New Function, New API-Source

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App v0.11

Dear valued customers,

We are proud to announce that we have finished improving our protoype.

Now you can sign up with your username, email and password.

Yes, still in the form of MVP, but we will continue to develop our platform in terms of security. We make it easy for users for accessing and dealing with our platform.

We are updating our website, you can now download the new application version 0.11 on our website :

And there are some interesting features that we present :

1. Users can choose the buy order or sell order menu that they want.

2. There are names, prices, pictures, marketcaps, and more. …

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📝Aludra.Network Project Overview :
Aludra is a decentralized network where financial instruments are traded. The Aludra Network platform uses an OTC sales system with enhanced security features that are maintained, and creates trust between buyers and sellers.

📌 Presale Details Info
Date and Time : August 5th, 2020 at 2pm UTC
Presale Allocation Token : 48,300,000 ALD
Token Price : 151,100 ALD for 1 ETH
Presale Bonus : YES
Presale System : Through Smart Contract
Smart Contract : will publish before presale started
Minimum Buy : N/A
Maximum Buy : N/A
Presale Hardcap : 320 ETH

✅ How to buy ALD Token?
Send your ETH to our Smart Contract and you will receive ALD Token…

Aludra Network

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