Cryptography As A Public Service

In my view, cryptography should be treated as a public service rather than a nuisance by companies and governments. Just like how there is public transportation, public healthcare, and public housing, likewise there should also be Public Cryptography. Libraries use a form of Public Key cryptography to somewhat secure their assets, however quantum cryptography will make such measures moot in the not to distant future.

Without going into a history lesson, nobody contests the need for Public Transportation or Housing, except for rich people. And yet bizarrely, people contest Public Healthcare in the United States. And while Don’t Care experienced a (for now) crushing defeat, it’s telling that people are still wanting to repeal Obamacare.

Likewise, it seems like Public Key cryptography has the same kind of lack of public regard similar to Public Healthcare. When in reality both Public Healthcare and Public Key cryptography can not in actuality safely be mututally exclusive. There was recent contraversy about Russia hacking into our election, and yet scarcely does protection of Hospitals (in increasing use in a Public Healthcare system) even peek people’s notice.

We’re heading toward a bleak world where even if the United States does somehow manage to get Public Healthcare, it will be obscenely compromised if the government still tries to attack Public Key cryptography, which is important for protecting confedential medical information and bank intellegence.

So be watchful, take what measures you can.

Secure your life.

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